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by sylph Friday, May 10 2019, 7:15am
international / poetry / post

u have complained bitterly
that i have never put u
in verse, a poet
that has written from a mere glance
of bewitching eyes
or has expressed the beauty
of a wave retreating slowly from the shore

do not lament ur exclusion
as poetry stirs things unknown
and sometimes dangerous --
I recall two unnatural stares
which resulted in the death of the two
persons receiving, tho at the time I was unaware
that the glances were accompanied
by thoughts of death which force
engaged my vision and found actuality
in the demise of two who were unaware
of my focus

the wind does not whisper for u
nor does it sing

do not lament ur absence as the poetry of love
i have written have been written to no effect
other than rejection and that i do not
seek for u

the moon doesn't shine for u
tho it caresses the chill waters of the bay
while u remain warm beside/inside me,
do not lament that my word-spells
are for others known and unknown

understand that while writing I am unaware
of my inner thoughts as the poem is foremost in mind
and it's the deep thoughts that find hidden, undetectable
expression in events, i dare not frame u
in verse

the dunes move with the wind
on southern beaches hiding murder and death,
u are too precious to risk capturing in verse
all manner of untamed forces pounce on poetry
and seek expression

be content that u are unassailed
remain as u are free from captivity
free of the allusions of word-spells
fly by day and sleep peacefully at night

ignore the spells cast by poets

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